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my name is lizzie

you're hella rad don't be sad

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"My favorite for two reasons:
Keeps me in check. The world is not obligated to care, you can’t always expect that people will, especially when they have their own things and problems and hurt that you are not obligated to care about either. Don’t expect too much from anyone.
The world is not obligated to care, yet sometimes, it still does. And that’s beautiful to me.”
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if someone calls you a slut, break their fucking neck without even hesitating or saying a single word and as they lay there on the ground dead, lean down close to their corpse and whisper

slut means the end in swedish

this is the most popular post i’ve ever made and its still fuckin going and i am GLAD

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He Has Risen
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Kenzo colours FW 14
Paris Backstage for essential homme mag
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