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the red string of fate
an asian belief that says two people are connected by a red string that is tied together by the gods. these two people are destined to fall in love, become great friends or have a very good relationship with each other.
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When I was a kid I thought your 20s were supposed to be fun, not filled with perpetual anxiety about financial stability and constantly feeling like an unaccomplished piece of shit. 

That’s because it was fun for baby boomers and they basically gave us this impression it would always be like that, but then they ruined the economy.


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Spent the afternoon getting out of the holes I dug in the beach with my half ton steal pickup truck. Two wheel drive and beaches are not the best of friends. This was moments before I dug in. The tide was coming in and getting closer and closer to the truck until a mysterious cable guy shows up with the wise advice to deflate the rear tires to 12psi. It worked with a little nudge from a big fellow. Thanks Chad the cable guy.
Oregon Coast. December 21 2013.
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The best text I’ve received up to date
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You will call me sweetheart
and I will still stumble over
good morning

I will want to know how many breaths you take after waking up
before you consider yourself alive

I will shiver when you touch me
do not be offended;
you are the warmest person I know.

Meghan LynnHow the beginning will go
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If you do not know what this picture is, let me inform you. In the late 50s, when abortion was completely illegal, women would resort to using household items to give themselves an abortion. These items included  bleach, wire hangers, and cleaning products.  So, would you rather save unborn cells - like the ones that come off your feet or body, millions at a time - or save a woman, a human being who deserves the right to make decisions about her own body?  Do we really want to set ourselves back 60 years? 93,460 notesReblog