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my name is lizzie

you're hella rad don't be sad

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ive seen very few if any sexy models. modeling in general is not sexy i dont see how u could be attracted to a model. posing is not sexy bein aware of the camera is not sexy. candid is sexy. im sexy. im candid. im candy. eye candy. hi mandy. im randy. beach sandy. need handy.

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stood there for like five minutes like yooooooooo
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i was crying in art class today and this girl was all “why are you crying?” and i didnt really wanna answer and we sorta know each other so i was all “why arent YOU crying?” and then she looked at me and ACTUALLY sTARTED TO CRY  I just?? wAS NOT PREPARED FOR THAT

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Men put a lot of things in their truck beds—but the sweetest, undoubtedly is a bunch of cozy old quilts for nights like these.

this is a dream
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last night i had a strange dream
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books are just dead tattoed trees

That’s metal as fuck

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